scriptual influence
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1959 - use that pay phone and call to find out what's playing at the drive in
1999 - it's pretty easy now to find out what's playing just go on line just dial up your modem
2010 - what's a pay phone?
2020 - it's easy now to view any movie you want in streams, rivers, brooks, and in the clouds next to carbon dioxide which is sitting next to 2,499 parts of everything else entertaining
2030 - weather keeps changing we better get all those wind farms finished covering the entire Earth
2040 - weather change reset everything we are almost finished putting all fossil fuels back in the ground too bad we didn't start this in 1843
2050 - done, now why is nothing working? why is there no electricity at night? go to 7-11 and get more batteries so we can stream imovies

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