Hustlers In Virology (HIV) such as Mr. Anthony Fauci keep lying to us claiming they "found the virus" but what they are doing is like claiming there are naturally occurring study worthy star shaped pieces of wood in the pile over there by the shed, and not finding any they then call their carpenter friend in to cut them into stars, then tell the public "look what we found". Here we get this explanation by some authentics who are not hustlers.

Left to right: Patrick Timpone, Dr. Thomas Cowan, & Dr. Andrew Kaufman present an analogy about virology where it turns out that during virus hunting season the hunters are finding exactly what they are seeking only by dressing up the pig with feathers to make it look like a turkey for Thanksgiving dinner. Read their statement on why THE/VIRUS has never been isolated (while governments isolate you) and why the entire corona virus mess is based on illusions to create endless streams of political medical theater for stratospheric profits that lead you into the ditch with their guidelines of governing hell.