Camera work these days sucks. The tripod was invented decades ago, actually it was invented thousands of years ago, and it's hardly ever used in filming anymore. Used to be a staple, now the camera is all over the place as if the movie box is posessed. Everything moving, images floating in circles, Blair Witch nauseating effects, even the commercials these days are horrible. I can't watch anything unless I am moving around in step with the sloppy floating jerky scenes. It was a standard that all moving images be made as steady as possible from the beginning of movie making but then when the most profitable movie ever made in history arrived and actually made people in the audience vomit it was so good it now haunts 99% of all moving image creation. Movies are already moving images, they don't need to be floating all over the place except in certain limited use where it ADDS to the effect. Even in the 1974 movie "Earthquake" this shake was only used at certain times, not all the time like today in every scene everywhere. Then there's the insane use of that split screen fuzzed out triple the nausea effect used to fill screen when mobile phone movies are made vertical. They have all that space to fill with advertising or some simple pleasant background and instead they make us want to vomit more.

Oh My Thank God for Turner Classic Movies.

copyright 2019 Kenneth Wegorowski