in actual theaters July 31th

it's a thriller with some twists and a must see on the big screen but no one is really sure when this will be playing anymore but there is indication it might be September 4th or it might be February 37th next year using a "smart" app that fixes everything that was never broken

maybe they will show it projected on a shipping container and make you stay 666 feet from each other wearing face masks that do nothing to stop viruses which are cell debris and not Godzilla movies and have you wear condoms "to be safe" which also don't stop viruses according to the HHS in the 1980's who stated "trying to stop viruses using condoms is like leaving the front door of your house wide open and expecting flies not to come in"

the movie poster states "he can happen to anyone" it looks like a fun film to watch in an old fashioned safe and comfortable sticky dirty floor and seats movie theater that does not smell of putrid chemical waste products sprayed everywhere in the new smart fumigation era that reminds us of DDT spraying videos we have seen in the past

in this fakedemic theatrics over invisible things like ghosts that scare people we might wonder WHO he is

certainly not the terror he appears to be in the film because it is only an image much like the image presented us now about fake virus threats are theatrics to get you to throw all your movie dollars at the hucksters in the medical pharmaceutical industry that just killed movie going "for your health" in the war on invisible things that have never been proven to exist using the real science that determines existence by using Koch's Postulates unraped by modern hucksters

we can only prohope that society comes to it's senses and realizes the big con game the medical industry is playing on them and stop wearing muzzles as they are oxygen deprivation devices used for mind control and

maybe then when we have an old normal we can go see a movie for our health as there is nothing more freeing and healing than allowing the mind to get swept up into a story that you know is just that

it's only a movie