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Duff Kelly

In January of 2022 I spent two weeks in Ottawa at the Freedom Convoy with thousands of other salt-of-the-earth Canadians. Everywhere I went in that city there was dancing, singing, hugging and laughing. The few tears I did see were those of joy and relief, even amidst unsettled times and the relentless sub-zero temperatures. In all my worldly travels I have never experienced anything quite like this incredible gathering of salty souls and what stood out most was the complete void of violence. That is until the hired, unmarked thugs showed up looking to bust skulls and that they did. Being that I was on crutches I did my best to avoid the more densely populated downtown areas and somehow managed to navigate my way clear of the "emergency" aggression. It's hard to describe the helpless feeling of witnessing peaceful protestors being brutally assaulted mere feet in front of me while police drones circled and armed "observers" watched from elevated rooftop positions. The contrast of courageous, compassionate and educated citizens exercising their legal and god-given rights versus the violent, unwarranted cowardice of our so-called leadership was something to behold and it left a lasting impression. So the day I returned home, I sat down and wrote this song. This is both a memoir and an anthem for the oppressed, disillusioned and disenfranchised that illuminates truth while simultaneously exposes lies. I will not go quietly Mr. Prime Minister and yes, there are many more like me.

Use Somebody

No Bite

Only Time Will Tell


World War 666

Wrestle War III

1927 film by Ellwood Hoffman who dropped out of school in 6th grade and went to work sweeping the floors at a hosiery mill for 25 cents/week. Eventually, he started his own silk stocking factory in Philadelphia - Lucille Hosiery. He retired at age 50 and pursued his hobbies - tennis, gardening and filmmaking. He visited all 50 states and Mexico and Canada filming with a camera mounted to the dashboard of his car. Many groups, including the horticultural society, invited him to share his films which he narrated with humorous stories. Unfortunately, he was killed in a car accident when he was 80 years old, but his films live on.