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The Jauntee Live at Niwot Tavern - Niwot, CO on 2020-10-31


theaters are going the way of the dodo and land lines unless we wake up and smell the putrid chemicals
Planet of the Marquees - at one time humans were allowed into buildings that seated many people close to each other now that is forbidden

Michael Moore takes a swipe at fake clean energy

Planet Of The Humans

this film which is free to watch in the imovie theatre exposes us to the lies of super heros that claim we need to save the world by installing fake clean energy wind and solar which in reality are merely energy transfer systems taking yours and giving it to others so they can use 666 times more energy than you as they jet around the world to climate conferences in very energy rich exotic locations where they can eat all the caviar and champagne they want and gamble till dawn with your energy as they meet all their other fossil fuel energy rich friends while you sit locked in a room forced to watch TV all day with a face mask on because your government that they set up really cares about you

THE BIG SHOW (1936) featuring Beverly Hill Billies

CARNIVAL OF SOULS "A low-key supernatural horror that proved you don't need mega bucks or a Hollywood studio to make a highly effective genre film." discussion of the movie by CinemaSpection

Annie Oakley filmed by Thomas Edison in 1894

Coachella Music Festival in Indio CANCELLED again

they had replanned the event for October 2020 after it was cancelled in April after the US president banned air travel from many places at the direction of the actual leaders of the "free" world the health Nazis so they are now planning the event after the 2020 leisure and entertainment Holocaust caused by paranoid schizo hyper pro over abundance of so much caution and distancing you can't even see humans any more on the planet so it's now planned for spring 2021 get those Mask-U-Raid breath control oxygen depriving devices ready for next year and be ready for 666 mile anti-social distancing unless of course you decide to choose to remove all the neurotics in political and appointed positions of authoritaayy that forced those breath control oxygen depriving face masks on you to fight things that do not exist due to World War IT you know the ones that all believe we should continue to "build planes while flying them" as was so eloquently put by one governor only insane people talk like that

also playing everywhere
& special mention goes to David Crowe for directing invisible logic during our insane information old age and to Dr. Kevin P. Corbett, PHD who was the first person to receive a HIV Hospice award handed him by Princess Diana at a time in history when panic like today struck the mind and anti-social distancing of AIDS patients was acceptable to most he broke that mold and is now hammering away at this current insane panic that has infected our lives


has anyone noticed the putrid chemical smell in public spaces now since the war started it's horrific and I cannot stand to shop at many of these stores now, there are warning labels on these chemical disinfectants of how toxic they are, they are fumigating all day long in closed environments, this is not healthy, the fumes create chemical burns on mucous membranes, we are being subject to fumigation as if we are pests, was not certain dictatorships guilty of that, more script materials coming your way soon if we all survive this energy waste dumping holocaust in virology, viruses are not even living things, and it's not even real science it's only a subset of biology and the least accurate used to sell drugs and chemicals kaching

Have You Heard

Blue Skies

Hear Them Whisper

16 Old Ladies Locked In The Lavatory

Four Leaf Clover

Man With A Horn  


How High The Moon

Only You (And You Alone)


Grateful Dead live at Rich Stadium 1989

Doin' What Comes Naturally


Everywhere At The End Of Time


Recommended for long nights and rainy days for fans of cold emotional soundscapes


how we used to live

 Timcast IRL original new song playing here

29 Palms Movie poster
29 Palms now playing

it is playing 4U4FREE


now here's an ideaCOACHELLA FEST
April 2020  October 2020
April 2021  October 2021
Because of the cold and flu virus mania illusion dumped on us by disingenuous medical societie$ and media$ all working hand and hand along with many of their politicial puppets both event dates were cancelled during the war on invisible soap. April and October 2020 dates were both cancelled. We hear the big musician names will not sign exclusivity agreements as they are prioritizing other venues, thus the festival decided they could not plan the event until they can be assured the acts will be exclusive to their event. This difficulty to get this event on track all this started because leaders in governing in every department and in so called 'health' are insane as they are at war with things that are not there - clue #1 there is no test for viruses in the air yet they say you can get them by sneezing - hellooooooooooooooo - and how exactly is it healthy to sneeze in a fucking face mask diaper what a disaster. Viruses are not there in the air in any quantity ever to cause a problem it's all a lie. IMOVIES.COM has more

Tamworth Country Music Festival axed in Australia


Broadway is deserted the only thing playing is covid the musical watch it here to the funky tune of something like RELAX FRANKIE

watch our dear friend explain

Theaters in many places are starting to open back up but who would want to go to these fumigation zones and sit for 2 hours exposing your lungs to chemical disinfectants sprayed everywhere that are UNHEALTHY. 2020 is the most retarded year of history as directors hyper proobsessively try to control dirt it deems are floating invading aliens that fly in on water droplets that then turn humans into monsters like themselves and as the directors try to get this picture show complete they neurotically hunt invisibles while during this endless war on the invisible it's making those 1%ers that own 99% of the wealth e-mass the last .98% for themselves Na Na Na Na Na

size matters

John Rich is playing the tune "Class Action Lawsuit" to Nashville Mayor for holding back real data on the COLD AND FLU CELL DEBRIS CRISIS

Society killed the old fashioned animal act circus because 'oh we care so much about the animals being abused' yet it keeps expanding it's caring rape of blood cells with vaccination needles filled with cow puss and other contaminants to create 'herd immunity' which is a farce where are the civil rights groups calling for humans to stop being treated like cows.


A letter from a reader addresses this:

Dear lying cons in the medical, pharma, government, and hypnosis industries, please stop referring to me and my children as cows as you justify killing children with your proven harmful vaccines in the name of fake 'herd immunity' your lies are disgusting putrid vile green energy and again Sir why is there no treatment for fake-19 when the agency you head the NIH study our taxes paid for already determined in 2005 that SARS cov2 which is what you are scaring everyone with today was said to be effectively treated with a simple pill while you instead push to have 7 billion people vaccinated regularly with patents you own and will be richer than God's Trust. I present my request hoping one child is saved by stopping these profit mechanisms as if only one child is saved it will be all worth it as seen on all of the hypnosis channels who are always presenting how 'if only one child is saved it will all be worth it' no matter how much we destroy our world to do it which of course if anyone is paying attention is causing more destruction than if we had simply stopped meddling.

another drive-in theater gets record crowds I'm so glad I bought drive-in stock

TODAY'S DATE is always found on calendarsYou still can't see a movie in a theater in of all places HOLLYWOOD because of the fake cold and flu virus threat that is being used as a tool and what's even odder is DRIVE INS are starting to show movies out side of HOLLYWOOD but get ready for this....you have to practice car distancing as well as all the other innefective rules to 'keep you safe' and bring plenty of masks that do nothing to stop viruses so join the chorus of Millions Against Medical Mandates and notice Cal Jam is of all things a chiropractic natural healing festival with music playing in March 12 to 14th twenty 21 as that might be more healing than medical societies who shut down your local health clubs then if they open them up spray chemicals everywhere 'for your health'

Fuzzy Bear presents
"The Stolen Jools"


where is this carbon infused road taking us???


in 2020.1 the information old age super highway society crashed into medical delusional hyper pro overreactionism and we got a rock to sit at home with that puked everything it ever ate all over us 'for our health'

like trying to control climate which is utterly totally 110% impossible they want to control every little thing that can get into your body


you thought sodas was bad imagine isolating you while never isolating the virus to prove it's existence scientifically guess what gang that is what these hucksters just did to you

there is nothing quite like tearing down society 'for your health' and rebuilding everything as an upside down pyramid based on invisible things that have never been proven to exist


there was a song from the 1980's 'JUST AN ILLUSION'but at least that was real

UNHINGED will be in actual theaters July 31st the release has been pushed out to February 37th next year as theaters are all starting to melt like the Wicked Witch as they keep spraying chemicals all over everything "for your health". If you ever get a chance to see this movie for best effect avoid all trailers it's just one of those movies that's worth not knowing anything about except that it's a thriller but there is a catch heed this warning

media bandwagons all talk about the C-word as if it's a new and hasn't been around since the beginning of time it used to just causes the common cold and flu now it causes insanity, neurosis, and acquired infomation duh syndrome (AIDS)


L U N A C Y released June 29, 2020

there is nothing quite as dramatic as seeing governments all around an entire universe shut down health clubs 'for your health' where millions went regularly to stimulate their immune systems to stand up and be super heroes against disease and watch those great institutions of health all go bankrupt at the neurotic orders of Nazi health departments while public health authoritarians claim need to over agressively hunt viruse$ no matter what the cost as if they are in the forest with flame throwers just outside Paradise and since you are paying for it all they could care less what they wreck and yet no matter what anyone does viruse$ are everywhere all the time in every nook and cranny and always will be as they are smaller than carbon dioxide and oxygen tanks so to kill these non-living thingies they coat the entire planet in putrid chemical waste disinfectant kaching and they will still be there as chemicals do not kill viruses any more than the sun in a spring thaw kills snowflakes helloooooo no one will take my wake up call viruses are cell poop not monsters from Uranus they're from Inuranus and relieved of their duties every day without chemical fumigation that causes chemical burns on mucous membranes where's OSHA on this they are forcing these chemicals on the public everywhere what in the fucking world is happening and who is ordering all this gassing of the public spaces the fumes reek of horrible chemicals and they spray and spray all day long theaters are STILL/CLOSED "for our health" as you just might watch a documentary there that clues you in to what is really going on behind the scenes of emergency order$ as they once again limit your oxygen supplies "for your health" with face mask mandates that in 1918-19 flu the people in San Francisco got fed up and formed the Anti-Mask League and the oxygen depriving mask order was dropped after 45 days now lunatic Gavin "insane" Newsom Governor of CA reinstituted the order to wear oxygen deprivation devices 'for your health' in the 4th week of June 2020 it was 4th of July a holiday where the good people of THE/USA used to celebrate freedom from government oppression

soon as you get tired of fighting and become immune suppressed because of all these government orders of isolation and mask-u-raiding and you will only be able to see your doctor on the world wide web of lies as they are phasing out office visits to make health care 'safe' and to be extra safe they will mail you your vaccine 'to be safe' as the hucksters in medicine and high teck pushing all conveniently ignore the fact that your body does the vaccination for you with antibodies every day of your life for any virus that comes around
excuse me Sirs and other things, my antibodies are the superheroes not you or your injections of putrid chemical waste
ask any billboard

Great music live at funkhaus Berlin

Mr. Blotto live at Teddy O'Brians on June 14 2020 this is a great show


Mr. Blotto Live at Teddy O Brians on June 14, 2020 performs '808'

Simple Minds is blowing in the wind from the past

this space intentionally left blankety blank


the world is now a stage that crashed into a hyper neurotic overly dramatic theatrics processing facility in juxtaposition being played for special fx

In visual perception, juxtaposition is the absence of relations between details; syncretism is a vision of the whole which creates a vague but all-inclusive schema, supplanting the details. In verbal intelligence juxtaposition is the absence of relations between the various terms of a sentence; syncretism is the all-round understanding which makes the sentence into a whole. In logic juxtaposition leads to an absence of implication and reciprocal justification between the successive judgments; syncretism creates a tendency to bind everything together and to justify by means of the most ingenious or the most facetious devices.[2]


warning about any future movie theater going - they will be fumigating these places constantly now in the virus panic nonsense - your seats and arm rests will be coated with putrid chemical disinfectant left to dry after each and ever movie is shown where peoplw would sit in these seats and infect them with the MOVIE-19

we should be alerting OSHA about these chemical fumes and demanding that firefighter quality gas mask appliances be provided to staff and patrons, the kind of appliances that these chemical responders use in fighting toxic fume fires

it's ok to yell STOP FUMIGATING in a crowded panic of idiots who actually state they are building planes while flying them

if we let this insane build continue we will not have much of a world left to enjoy as there will be respiratory problems caused by these chemical burns and the virus hunters will of course blame the smart virus








if this page was intentionally left blankety blanketed blank there would be no writing there

can you see all the blankets of co2 here they are everywhere on this blank page to movie streaming 2 dimensional nowhere




i stay 666.666 feet away from all insane people who hide behind masks telling us how to be "safe"

as they are all evil





In March 2000 the world panicked. We make a lot of bad decisions when we panic.

Then in a panic the US congress handed "health authorities" $8 billion of your money to "stop the spread".

What did we get for this?

  • daily and sometimes hourly body temperature checks as if a hovering parent is high on a variety of illegal drugs and insists on doing that "for your health" to protect you
  • the closure of all health clubs "for your health"
  • routine spraying of toxic chemicals all over every workplace and public venue now fumigating what was fresh stale air, now it's more like being in a concentration camp you want to escape from because you can't breathe "for your health" or is it for the health of certain chemical company and investor portfolios that just saw their profits soar by 666 thousand percent
  • orders from Nazi health departments and their political goons governing you to wear face mask coverings to "help prevent the spread of viruses" that go right through the fabric like they go right through condoms as stated by HHS Margaret Heckler in 1986 during the other insane fake virus crisis "for your health"
  • aggressive treatments that kill people by "health authorities" that are acting like insane neurotic lab rats
  • blockading you from visiting your parents in nursing homes "for everyone's health" as they are now considered threats to everyone's health
  • a 2 dimensional world
  • a new abnormal that is trying to rebuild daily life as an upside down pyramid, good luck with that
  • stupid politicians that still want wind and solar farms that are a total scam and waste of your energy

 it's like we are living in a thrift store that's been picked over by all the people now selling everything they hunt for there on eBay leaving you with scraps and then as you exit the store there's a little sign posted "Thank you for SUBMITTING to me your Master of governing where we are building planes while we are flying them" as these ruling elitist snobs feel we are all infectious garbage now making us look like and act like fools gassing us with chemical waste fumes they import from China's factories they can't get rid of any other way now being sprayed in all the public spaces all day long as all this "disinfecting" is what makes their portfolios grow 666 thousand % and their rich medical community drug pushing friends self serving interest is riding a 2nd wave of depressing stock prices and ruining the economy and Nevada has 25% unemployment for May and California 15% as they don't let people work so they can pretend to be protecting you from harm



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energy is wasted