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read a special letter to Boris Johnson about fake invisiblity which was found to cause diseased governing bodies to go proinsane


endless wars are stifling

In the past there were wars. They were of things we could see. Then they disappeared. They were invisible. Hundreds of years went by with no wars visible to anyone.

Then one day in the "smart" new milleni-ummmm suddenly we started fighting things we could not see. We didn't know if we were fighting the enemy or the wars themselves. It made shadow boxing look like an olympian sport that proactively retroacively hyperactively overactively neurotiactively discluded all forms of anything logical. Touching your opponent was no longer allowed. You were told to stay home and fight from there on the smart telalphone that kept disconnecting. Never had that problem before. They used to work even when the power went out.

When the dust settled there was little left of the world as we knew it except for a new putrid odor. It wasn't of dead enemies or massive casualties of war, it too was invisible. No one knew how to wage war on that and win. The kings queens and jesters ignored all mention of it. The invisible things were still there yet some kept insisting they were defeated. They called on every one of them using invisible phones. More wars raged. No one saw what was happening. More people died than what was visible.

In the end all invisible things were buried in invisible mass graves under invisible dirt in an invisible country in an invisible universe ruled by indivisible invisibles while all the people still alive suffered until taxes annhilated all but the ruling class.

Internet Matter

In the USA we got letters from our dear President who has our best interests in mind as all rich people always have only our best interestes in mind telling us we are waging war on invisible things now.

It's hard to see how from see to shining see we keep imagining that we are now waging wars on things we cannot see let alone reading print we cannot see. Imagine that. You have to because that's the only way you can see what's really going on.

more on this to come..BUT you won't be able to see it

Viruses have never been proven to exist except by invisible man

So what are our Senate leaders doing?

Mitch McConnel of Kentucky is KACHINGING for patent holders of testing "for the virus" which does not find the virus in order to save us from invisible things. We will be paying for this over decades. We could have used these millions and billions to house the homeless and provide jobs. Instead we are making the patent holders which are drug companies and their investors rich once again while killing jobs that save lives.

The following was posted on his senate website.

May 21, 2020

WASHINGTON, DC - U.S. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) announced today rural health centers across Kentucky will receive a total of $13,206,199 to increase COVID-19 testing in their communities. These federal resources, distributed by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA), were made available by Senator McConnells Paycheck Protection Program and Health Care Enhancement Act, which he led to Senate passage. 

In addition to this funding, Senator McConnell previously announced Kentucky will receive $108 million for coronavirus testing from the same legislation. 

"Increasing the accessibility of coronavirus testing is one of the keys to smartly and safely reopening our economy and beating this virus."


$108 million could have funded a fantastic new film exposing all the lies of virus hunting

Then consider what the Department of the Interior Secretary of the United States David Bernhardt said in regards to a another approved massive wasteful of our energy project coming to destroy another vast open space with plastic oil dependent solar panels that spread toxic waste all over China's bosom which is now being sprayed in our public buildings fumigating the enemy and our lungs causing invisible chemical burns, "As our economy rebounds from the invisible enemy, President Trump is working to make the United States stronger than ever before."

There is nothing quite like making sure government is stronger and invisible people are weaker.

I don't think the enemy is invisible, it's all around us, it's people infected with illogical paranoia and visible lies and manipulations of our energy

U are probably not here discovering anything

Precalifornia neurotica hyperprooveractive governor Lavin Cuewsom the negative 14th first discovered California in 1492 after a voyage lost at sea in the Pacific. He was an emperor of a small village Marinid dynasty of Morocco and got bored so he went to conqure the New World. When he arrived he saw smoke signals from the Indian's medicine man festival (those were the days where viruses did not exist) misinterpreting the smoke and mirrored reflections of them off the glimmering ocean waves as a warning about the threat of legendary Novel Casper The Ghost. Thing is the Indians were just trying to send Lavin signals of where to park in the white zone and how to avoid those mixed signals. When Lavin arrived he immediately took charge of what was not his and shut down all Indian pow wows because of his delusions until the Puritans came to the rescue of the Indians.

"It is generally accepted that [blankety blank]viruses are distributed broadly among humans and are associated with wide range of diseases. Therefore, it is possible that this 'new' virus is 'novel' only because it has recently been identified. After all, the New World existed long before Columbus sailed west." - John Hardie BDS, MSc, PhD, FRCDC

Lavin heard this and then started prohibition again "for our health" closing bars, then reopening bars, then closing bars and expecting the same result over and over again which is the insanity of definition.

In Africa they are making slaves out of electricity rate payers as the masters cover all the cotton fields with unreliable energy systems. 

It's also happening in Amerika.


Since he would not be allowed to protest or go to church and socialize any closer than 666 inches from each other to be safe from illusions in our so called free world anymore while governments forced breath control on him something like this when he goes to buy food

Maybe he would consider saying "I'm going to Disneyland" which is now a joke as it's re-opening plan includes forcing the public to breathe less oxygen while on the rides as they will require insane face masking of everyone making them look like goons with temperature checks of everyone before entering and any time they susspect anyone has a temperature becase now anyone who has a temperature even a slight one is infectious scum according tot he health Nazis that rule the world making every space their hospital for profit, basing all of this on upproven allegations of a new threat, blamed on Satan, who would even go to a theme park anymore that it's theme is a hospital and mad scientist's laboratory.

Or he would say "Fuck that I'd rather go to a cotton farm and work the fields those masters very rarely were so controlling, we'd sit for hours after work singing songs and no master ever made us cut down our oxygen supply or forced us to sit far apart from each other what kind of twilight zone episode is that you are living in".

Or he might sit in his home cell with his good friend Archie Bunker's only begotten Son and read a book that carefully exposes us to H
ans Gelderblom who is only one of the few scientists in the world with integrity who uses electron microscopes and knows how interpret their computer generated images of viruses (they are not based on glass optics and refraction like a microscope) and says in the extended interview in "House of Numbers" that when he INTERPRETS incredibly miniscule non-definitive invisible slices and dices of electron microscope CGI computer graphics it merely presents cell debris and not killer particles that are 666 trillion times smaller than your middle finger.

You won't see that presented on The Raw Sewage Channel though we did see a Senator from Kentucky mention it might NOT be a good idea to keep kids out of school anoher year in our "smart" era to fight the invisible war on things that might not even be there as he was speaking directly to THAT/MAN hasing lucrative patents filed the day they announced HI viruses are "the probable cause" of 30 diseases thath had different causes and still do saw kaching that they want to see $$$.

I understand this may be hard for you to grasp at straws and free hygenic plastic bags that suddenly reappeared in stores, now gone away again, bags we reuse many times yet they were called "single use" during that pitch era but already there are also those scientists and doctors that have for decades and are others appearing all over the integrity who keeeeep saying that exposing yourself to viruses creates a healthier immune system and they travel by air no matter what you do and they are not what we imagine we need to do. It's like exposing yourself to exercise. Health Nazis would say that's dangerous and ban you from doing that while charging you 666 thousand dollars per hour for protecting you. There's also the natural processes of being exposed to the small amounts of bacteria in the air that keeps us healthy. It's like exercize, no pain no gain. To live in what is becoming invisible sterile chemically fumigated environments is not healthy at all.

Maybe it's time to listen to the elephants in the room and stop pushing them in front of the bus every time they come near theys on the sidewalk as theys laugh theys asses off and on while not looking at the masks theys are wearing in the mirror as theys remain 666 inches away from any form of understanding of pushiness.

One of those ignored in the room was Margaret Heckler who told us as Health and Human Services Secretary that condoms do not stop viruses they go right through the flexible membrane FABRIC like a fly goes right through an open front door.

She stated this as a public official of the US Government that never makes errors in anything way back in 1985 era. She added "but that's all we have" as that was a panic like we see playing out currently and government had to provide some kind of answer. The other answer it provided was drug regimes that killed my friends in the Holocaust In Virology.

Never forget the HIV.

Today in our dumbillenium era we have officials telling us we can be protected from viruses with face masks which cannot even be made into balloons trapping air like condoms can. In other words, face masks let viruses through much more than condoms but slow down healing oxygen.

Hello? You're breaking up.

And what about those healthy bacteria that fumigation is killing?

Why do people want to control climate?

Q: If Christopher Columbus or an Indian Tribe wanted to get to an Indian Casino in Palm Springs the fastest way so that they could see a movie and meet friends for dinner how do you suppose they would do that in the new world?

Be careful there's a ketch!

There's a ketch
image of weather dependent device by Remi Jouan

A: Ah you almost got me there this is a trick question as Palm Springs and movie theaters and restaurants are not even open anymore in the new world and never will be again* as Chrissy and Indian buddy certainly wouldn't depend on getting there using energy produced by the weather when since then reliable efficient oil was discovered and produced that is if they could even get there to arrive by 2019 before the Holocaust In Virology took hold of every business on in the "free" world gassing everyone with putrid chemical waste that was left over from the other holocaust but like with AIDS they later realized that their disinfectants were too strong and killed people so they lowered the quantities so it was slower and not so obvious

*uness you do exactly as your masters tell you to do and get injected with their magic Bill Gates programmed elixirs first discovered by Mr. Haney and Fauci and friend$ who will bill you for it

The moving image world will always be powered with clean reliable renewable coal, petroleum, nuclear, and natural gasses as if we did not use these all film making and streaming would come to an end, everyone in the industry knows that and if they don't they are living in lalaland.

It's time to bury the fantasy called wind and solar as they waste energy, draw power from the grid, wreck our landscapes, all being 100% dependent on fossil fuels and cause global warming. Sorry to be the completely insignificant carbon air bubble particle to burst your unicorn bubble you keep floating in.

Even Michael Moore figured this out saying he and director of his ealry movies were shocked to find how inextricably entangled alternative energy is with coal and natural gas, since they say everything from wind turbines to electric car charging stations are tethered to the grid. Then I find out myself that these wind farms burn up energy from other wind farms and solar farms!

Who knew? I've known some of this for many years. So have others. Learning they dump energy on themselves was a shock. It's perverted. Wind farms should seek help.

Certainly the cons in the industry know all these things about fossil fuel dependent renewables, and now they want more view destructive fossil fuel burning wind farms because you pay for them and it makes them filthy rich as we gleefully transfer our assets to theirs to "save the planet" while they all live like rock stars. After all they deserve their wealth while making us poor now don't they?

Of course we can't mention Michael Moore without pointing out that he will be making energy off making yet another movie this time about these industrialists "solutions" to climate change while all functions of distributing and viewing such "films" are all dependent on fossil fuel energies while in his new film he seems to want the rest of us to live in the stone age to save Earth from the things that make movies and seems to be on an endless tirade of bashing Caucasion men who voted for Trump as if that's not sexist and racist in itself. Seems he cares more about that fantasy of saving Earth from nothing than he cares about you and I though that would be typical of most everyone who's got money these daze in our capitalistic world that takes after squirrels while the socialists claim they aren't squirrely. I find these common rants rather existentially disingenuous.

When are all these elitist hoarders including him going to start buying homes for the homeless we all keep tripping over with their energy all created from the burning of fossil fuels of which there are no fossils? Never before in the history of the world has there been so much wealth alongside so much poverty. Even in the early days of the United States pretty much EVERYONE had a home including those enslaved. In the Roman Empire the poor built themselves shacks and the masters provided for the slaves of that time. 3rd world countries also have few homeless most are shackfull. In America start building a shack government tears it down. Cities do not even allow "granny shacks" to be fully built to code in back yards in rich elitist neighborhoods like in Washington State which enjoys the fruits of computer industry wealth. NIMBY.

Speaking of Rome, moving image industries often do what Romans do. Romans were slave holders like Robert E. Lee, George Washington, and other evil white men who protected the world from the real evils of moviemaking.

No saying that is not racist yes it is.

Today so many are enslaved to corporations and energy and hundreds of thousands of people do not even have a home. When you have a home and miss your servitude they grab everything you gave to it back. What is wrong with this motion picture.

The movie industry is so weird. For decades it was the "rebel". It did things in your face. Sex taboos were challenged. Smoking was the norm and no big deal and in your face. Now the industry became the yucky televangelist preacher. It's now the purifier. It's become a Puritan. They are even passing around the plate and 'tracts' on how to stay safe from evil and redemption is the new black. It's like watching Jerry Falwell converting them to Christian Fundamentalists. Don't even say certain words or you are stoned to death by their socialites. How did this happen?

Ricky Gervalis was a breath of fresh carbon oxygen oxygen.

movies in theaters & flowing in streams

movie theaters are closed
how did that happen
Godzilla blew up into bazillions of miniscule pieces terrorizing everyone
....or was it media that did it


The last woman beekeeper has to deal with a threat to her natural honey farming methods when Nomadics move in next door. Highly rated. Wholesome. Fantastic.

I think it shows the problem that would occur as nomadic followers of certain movie makers would move in next door as they used fossil fuels to make movies about how we need to stop using fossil fuels.

Today your dumbass world non elected government health unofficials would make all bee farmers cover each of their bees with face masks to "stop the spread" of honey.

Once Upon A Time In Hollywood

Unfortunately in the preview we see some of the worst shaky cam effect. At first glance there's a scene where the camera is perfect steady set in place when shooting happens. Then another shooting with flame throw camera is nervous. That is EXACTLY what gets presented. Instead of a strong stance feel of the soldier, we get the feeling there are a bunch of nervous nellies involved in the action. And that's only into the preview 34 seconds. But the rest of it is steady and some fantastic filming amdist the theme of 1969 movie star who's gone past his prime. "Sharon Tate" appears in it looking for a role in movies. This could be a lot of fun flipping back the pages or discovering life as it was in fantasy movie making land before iMovies were invented, injoyed, and made by everyone.

The Farewell

Based on a true lie the grandma is about to pass but before she does the family plans a wedding get together. The use of TRIPODS looks extensive in this film I could not find one single shake of the camera in the entire preview NOT ONE. FAN-TAS-TIC.

Uncle Bob

is about the life and death of the famous naked streaker who in 1974 ran across the stage during a live broadcast of a famous Hollywood awards show. It was a fad in the 1970's and if you have never seen this happen it's something you shud c and it's well presented in this film along with a collage of things artistic expressatives. It explores the life of this man named Robert Opal who was a photographer  and artist. This amazing individual had a gallery in San Francisco and featured Robert Maplethorp's works and Tom Of Finland in his gallery before they were famous. I spotted this film playing on the Film Rise stream.

Stuber opened July 12

I won't go see it because as can be seen in preview too much Blair Witch cam. It shakes even when filming simple view from hood looking at the two characters sitting inside the car which I think is stupid. Camera should be fixed. There is enough "action" already there is no need for ALL THIS SHAKE ALL THE TIME IN EVERYTHING EVERYWHERE IN FILM it's like film making now is being done by Michael J. Fox while he's on a turnip truck during a California 7.1 earthquake.

Stuber flops. Big surprise (said sarcastically). It's no wonder, it preaches the garbage concept of toxic masculinity. People don't want to hear that crap. Hope you listened to my review and saw something else.


I think politics should more or less stay out of film making so I stay out of Cannes because they seem to celebrate movies that are made by those who suffer from TDS movies made by those who suffer from this condition always suffer

A good film is about shifting landscapes like those that are populated and suffer from upheavals both by Mom and Dad Earth as well as those caused by financial forces. This one called "The Last Black Man In San Francisco" seems to portray this collage nicely

projection takes many forms music and movies 
vintage DRIVE-IN THEATERS will return it's the only solution

California has had more movie theaters than anywhere on the planet and it is the only state in the 50 with an indefinite stay at home order all other orders expired and 6 states never even were that insane they are Wyoming, Utah, North and South Dakota, Nebraska, Iowa, Arkansas all great states to move to get the fuck away from the loons and Nazi dictators that care about them selves not you

So since the human mind will never ever be able to let go of the fallacy where they believe Godzilla blew up into 666 trillion zillion billion million thousand pieces smaller than a single atom that blew up into 666 duhillion parts and is allegedly with no evidence "terrorizing" every single edged cell in the body that is 666 googillion times it's size because you get near someone closer than 5.999 feet we need to immediately shift the $$$ spent on subsidizing fake clean puke green energy wind turbine and solar plastic plantations into probuilding new drive-in theaters with 666 inch parking distancing in the new twilight zone unacceptable abnormal that liberal states of mind are hooked on as there will never be any effective and safe indoor movie theater going experience ever again based on all these wacky assumptions about things that don't exist even if they open up as planned July 32nd February 37th 2029

 these wacky solutions to fix what was never broken have ruined everything 3D and when they open the theaters they will smell of putrid chemical gassing which harms human health as those in other concentration camps learned but certainly as always provides plenty of kaching for certain people so get ready for drive-ins like this if you want to see something on the big screen anywhere on the planet ever again unless society puts these bizarre concepts in health in straight jackets that fought for gay marriage and won

announcing our new endogenous production facilities


Chicken Littlebit laughed his head off saying virual projection is made from within the inside of moving viral studios of the governing body

'where can I find an antivirus toolkit' the apple said as it remained in the tree afraid to get close to anything with legs that wouldn't show their face in the maskcharade

the two of them laughed pointing to the
feature now playing of experts in electron microscopy studios such as Hans Gelderblom who will tell us these viruses are cell debris being manufactured by the body like poop iis manufactured or like skin shedding and do no harm we hereas in stark contrast the chemical disinfectants of our minds are now being sprayed all day long in every public space harming our lungs and they will blame it on last year's FLU-2019 rebranded as space invaders

sales hucksters in medicinal cochemical pushing would not be making any money if people in and out of Dodge Realitytown keep hearing about this and acted not in accordance to their financial gain demands

notice how sales of China made face coverings mandated "for your health" that cut off oxygen supply soared 666 billion % while they shipped their toxic chemical waste to the world be used as disinfectant to gass everyone "to make you healthy"

Huntington Beachers didn't accept the gifts as they would cut off ocean spray supply

re-breathing in carbon dioxide does save us from fake climate change as it keeps it from going back into the atmosphere

thing is if the green nuts excluding almonds keep doing this they may die of oxygen deprivation and of course since they don't have a brain anyway they will blame this on CO2 wait they are right this time


"Why don't you consult one of the pioneers in the field of electron microscopy, Prof. Etienne de Harven, about his readily accessible, widely respected opinion - one among many competing views - that the particulates claimed to be HIV are better understood as endogenously produced. Other scientists regard these molecuar bits as evidence of residual virus shells of previous infection that has been countered by the body and floats around. There are many ways of interpreting this material, it is a flawed analysis, according to many scientists, albeit a lucrative one, to call this HIV. In any case there is no evidence from electron microscopic data that is viewed at this sub-microscopic level is the cause of AIDS." - Helen Lauer, Ph.D.

what the flip duck is endogenously produced? well look no further than your toilet filled with stuff you endogenously produce for that answer

and from a good book never quoted on TV

there are billions of trillions of godzilliona of viruses in every breath you take no matter how much chemical waste your businesses infect the air you breathe to kill non living things during this war

page 48

lives in harmony? great pacific virus patch!

just like plastic all viruses end up in the sea in one liter of sea water by the sea shore spraying sea particles containing sea shell viruses that cause cofraud-19 last years flu boooorring

time for a film fuzzii

imagine that viruses are a part of the balance

tunnel visioners in medical hucksterism bury this concept in land fills

they will next say they have to spray the entire Earth to get rid of these things THAT LIVE IN HARMONY WITH EVERYTHING AND ARE A PART OF THE ENTIRE BALANCE

it's like going to war with carbon trying to get rid of carbon everywhere to save the planet while continuing to drink soda bubbles that fart

then we listen to major CO2 expellers babble on and on about how they need to both control CO2 climate and your fucking breath now and if you don't vote for them they claim you will die

stop writing checks for this crap


 ocean spray is getting to us ever notice how things rust at the beach

to get rid of viruses you have to permanently distance everything 666 thousand feet from the ocean as the oceans are filled with viruses thus all coastal cities need to be immediately evacuated and beaches all closed permanently unless we all wear bathing suit condoms which actually won't work either as Margaret Heckler US Health & Human Services Secretary of the 1980's disko daze stated "condoms don't protect anyone from viruses it's like leaving the front door open and expecting flies not to come in" as they go through the fabric just like they go through the fabric of face masks

the fags are everywhere

look let's make one thing clear I am not the messenger

in other words viruses are cell shit as is most everything of what is also produced from television news

scriptitis syndrome


"In New York, paramedics have been told that if they cannot revive a person in the ambulance, they should not be brought to the ER to continue to try to revive them. These people will die."

and if they go on the subway they will now be fumigated with toxic disinfectant chemicals that are repurposed chemical waste made in China

How's that Obamacare lockdown thing you didn't notice was in that Congressional Bill working out is employment up? Sure is for temperature taking jobs one of the most important jobs on the planet. Why are people less healthy now after closing all the gyms "for our health" in this neurotic ineffective wasteful virus hunt? Politicians are the disease.


1776 years after SANITY was born some brave men so had it with smart technology they used quill pen to sign their names to the Declaration of Independence freeing them from oppressive apptatorships

243.6 years later a war started on the invisible and theaters became ghost towns like we would see on the silver screen starring John Wayne airport

IN THEATRE -  o p e n  u p  2



this is the 4th time in 1776 special mention presented to David Crowe for producing invisible logic IN/ON various sets amongst our insane information old age a time in history where for the 4:44th time freedom abruptly stopped ringing 

a society that cannot even keep it's theaters open has a mental problem

1st quarter gross at the movies about $2000 million
2nd quarter gross $3 million

that is a drop in revenue of about 666 times lower into the gates of financial movie PRODUCING/HELL some 4 letter stars raged blamed Lone Presidential Ranger while others pinned it on the 666 members of Congress and 666 thousand world leaders and committee heads and members and corporate heads and medical oppressionists and opportunists all following their leaders into LALAabyss Land as well as blaming the 666 million people on the planet that follow the invisible religion of virus hunting religiously and due to the war on invisible things that was declared not by the people but rather the politicians and the ministry of preachers who have just ruined the financial and physical health of so many living entities and literally killed aging elderly mom and dad and friend and neighbor in nursing homes with aggressive distancing of human touch and replacing it with cold air and aggressive invasions of the body with aggressive chemical treatments
and now they are actively gassing the public spaces with chemical warfare disinfectants when there is no proof any such threat exists and it's not even a living thing and when someone coughs from the fumes and their non-protective charade they call a mask flies off they are considered a threat and told to get the hell out of their stores which are now a chemical fuming hell in a handbasket to shop at anyway and they tell you to get tested with tests that only find garbage strands of various natural acids found everywhere in the body OMG what kind of world domination project is this post Blair Witch we thought that camera work made us sick so to get unsick of the disasterous mess plan to see what will be a fantastic thriller ruin world economies for personal gain kaching they are all doing well behind that comittee curtain while the good people are in bread lines while the food at the factories is absorbing poision gas and theaters when they are tentatively opening up on July 32nd will distance you and spray chemicals on everything letting them dry all over the seats and arms you rest your arms on telling you all it's safer than allowing viruses to be there even though there is nothing anyone can do to stop them as they travel in the air constantly and no face hider does anything to stop them but they sure make the faucist party laugh their asses off watching what fools they made of everyone except in South Dakota where Trump is rallying with none of this fake bullshit

saying we only catch viruses and not release the like a helium balloon is like saying we only catch gas and never release cow farts

starring Russel Crowe it morals a story of what can happen only in movies when a humanoid just can not say it made a mistake or on purpose when merely doing daily life just go watch it when it comes into the theaters for the very best tactical sensation avoid all trailers also known as spoilers and pray to the movies that the invisiblists come to your senses I am predicting it will open actually on July 32nd February 37th 2021 now who isn't praying California finally ends up falling into the sea shore where we used to be free to swim better check that earthquake smart meter that for 666 billion dollars gives us a 2 second warning so we have time to head to higher ground that also crumbles like everything just did in society


book that should be a movie written by Erin Marie Olszewski

she was horrified to see how modern "smart" medicine left people to die and used overly aggressive tactics that DID MUCH HARM in the panic of 2020 where governments shut down society "for their health"

frauds and failures are being exposed everywhere on the planet now.....WHAT A GREAT TIME TO BE HELD CAPTIVATED AT HOME


What health care you say? Just try to get a dental appointment or 100,000 other things done that are "not necessary" in the free world run by Nazicrats now.

Then they use your money to run commercials claiming you need to breathe oxygen less and it's the right thing to do to protect everyone from nothing and claim in the ad it's not all political and claim they reely care about your health more than their money they are all so full of crap let me know the virussecond that they all take HALF PAY FOR THE REST OF THEIR LIVES they make such gobs of money sucking it all from others they can all do with one fewer fancy car and home and trip especially the ungodly ones at the top of the tower

So when they say "be safe out there" I guess that means avoid everything that could have a virus on it including 1st responders, hospitals, doctors, and since drug stores will not even allow you to use the blood pressure monitor anymore we are to avoid drug stores as well and stay away from all public spaces anyway as all of them are being chemical fumigated "for your health" while people are allowed to be in them while not wearing gas masks and then if you come from any of the Nazi states that claim the entire population is infected then tell you to get tested with tests that don't find "it" which makes no sense as if the entire population is infected it then is also immune regarless of logic you are quarantined 40 days and 40 nights as all the politicians have gone insane everywhere and there's a shortage of straight jackets as no one prepared for the paranoid schizophrenia virus that has infected every political leader everywhere

Who on Mother Earth's bosom would ever say DONTBUYMYBOOK.COM
re these blinking they should be blinking we want the entire world covered in blinking if you do not see them blinking BLINK HERE to make them blink we want lots of blinkity blank energy covering Earth and browsers no more default settings of not blinking. It's the view of incessant flashing red lights that eco-facists want you to see at night everywhere on the planet as they plant wind seeds as they claim to save us from carbon dioxide the seeds grow up into large wind turbines and these farms produce unstable chaotic energy causing the grid to use more energy to maintain and they are 100% dependent on fossil fuels as they grow and spread their seed everywhere and draw power from fossil fuels in the grid to turn the propellers so they do not seize so when you see them spinning they might be using fossil fuels so all the puke green energy plans that goofy politicians promote with pictures they drew in kindergarten are wasting oil and making our nightscapes look like crap and chop up birds and use your tax energy to make industrialists rich and like all cults there is no telling these people who live on carbon blankets of air that convection always cools the planet and we are not doomed except to repeat the same things over and over and claim we are not insane as we continue to feed the machines that are consuming our planet which we keep thinking will save us and now that Michael Moore backed film takes a look at the lies that wind and solar are going to "save us" as they realize it's just another industrialist scam maybe some will change their faith and ask our subsidies forgiveness the next time they drive in to Palm Springs to get away from it all they will see how great saving the planet is ONLY for those who get rich off it and those who need energy pacifiers stuck in their mouths spreading their green energy filth all over Mother Nature's bosom.   

distractions are usdistractions are usdistractions are usdistractions are us

This is green energy

These are old windmills that grind grain. They are energy efficient as they are not connected to the grid. They grind grain directly due to wind energy and produce zero emissions.

This is dark energy

They are inextricably tied to fossil fuels to function and be built. They they emit carbon emissions during manufacture and during use.

They kill birds, bats, butterflies, and mosquitoes and add no usable energy to the grid.

They are like movie props to present an illusion. Props should not take over landscapes and use your money to give you an illusion that they are:

1) saving the planet from something that doesn't exist as a threat i.e. air blankets that can't keep you or Earth warm at night

2) save you and everyone money over time because in reality behind the scenes they make industrialists rich while making you pay for them in taxes and higher electricity bills

3) producing usable energy when they are producing harmonics, draw energy from the grid, are
100% dependent on fossil fuels

Windmills made today are like politicians made today, they all are lying to you presenting illusions. They may be entertaining to see but they are not saving the planet from anything, just making things worse in all forms of reality.

They ravage 750 times the land as an efficient power plant does.

Alternative energy is like a song and dance to get your energy.

How did we get to believe in the illusion of clean energy?

Moving images. Moving images are masters at presenting illusions. Al Gore mastered this art of clean energy hustles.

Singing the tune of this clean energy hustle more enjoyably than anyone is Elton John who lifes like a rock star lavishly spending and emassing so much carbon based energy wealth while he fly's on his fossil fuel jets singing the gospel of you doing without and getting tested for wealth while he continues to do with more.

Warming is now locked in place like your gym locker that you can't even access anymore

Some rich bore that wants more tells us that his prediction from 2006 is true, that world will still end if we don't bla bla bla selling his wares yap yap

Then we read this (we better pay attention):

The Arctic Ocean is warming up, icebergs are growing scarcer and in some places the seals are finding the water too hot, according to a report to the Commerce Department yesterday from Consulate at Bergen Norway.

Reports from fishermen, seal hunters and explorers all point to a radical change in climate conditions and hitherto unheard-of temperatures in the Arctic zone.

Exploration expeditions report that scarcely any ice has been met as far north as 81 degrees 29 minutes.

Soundings to a depth of 3,100 meters showed the Gulf Stream still very warm.

Great masses of ice have been replaced by moraines of earth and stones, the report continued, while at many points well known glaciers have entirely disappeared.

Very few seals and no white fish are found in the eastern Arctic, while vast shoals of herring and smelt which have never before ventured so far north, are being encountered in the old seal fishing grounds.

Within a few years it is predicted that due to the ice melt the sea will rise and make most coastal cities uninhabitable.

* * *

view it here to open in browser

* * * * * *

I must apologize.

I neglected to mention that this report was from about 100 years ago on November 2, 1922. As reported by the AP and published in The Washington Post only 97 years ago it was reported that climate change was going to kill us all 97 years ago 97 years ago hello sold papers sold papers chopped tree pulp again

It was an article from November 1922 page 589 ROFL

view it here to open in browser
(downloads file into your download folder)

posted by John (MAGAnum) from the Department of Redundancy Department

The explorer made his observations from the period of 1868 to 1917. A map was made showing the end of the world. Take note how small the arctic really is in this dimensional map that does not make arctic areas look 7 billion times bigger than they are in places other than imaginations that are used to sell us fantasies for our entertainment. Ice at the poles is minimal and when frozen expands so it's already displaced, melt it and it does nothing. Melt what's above ground that does nothing but entertain us like watching ants build new civilizations and then being told by the climate alarmists that they are a threat to national security and thus we need to be vaccinated against ants and mosquitoes.

1922 weather map presents short time frame for humanity

Apparently we are to believe we can fix this melting "problem" caused by fossil fules with wind energy tied to fossil fuels which burn energy made by solar and wind farms producing it in excess and caused the problem that started back in the 1800's which was a time that fossil fuels pretty much did not exist. To solve this problem that fossil fuels that did not exist created we will use hundreds of thousands of computers made from fossil fuels and fossil fuel energy to power them 24/7 using computers to make billions and trillions upon zillions of quadillions of calculations to save us all while CLIMATE/CONS make gobs of money all formed by fossil fuels that they use to live like rock stars that become kings and queens and popes that all rely on the energy of fossil fuels and others to be who they are as they cause climate change and then we will of course vote for them to fix the problem that was caused by fossil fuels that did not exist because we keep watching their movies.

go on your own expedition

THE HUNT movie is playing but not in theaters as they are now considered all risky behavior so if you want to play it safe until they open maybe wear a mandated innefective face mask and government approved tin foil 5G or 666G hat and a recommended condom when you walk past one of them. That condom is a safety product which Margaret Heckler of the United States Health and Human Services stated in 1985 does not protect anyone from viruses and that wearing them and expecting them to protect you from viruses is like leaving the front door and screen door of your home wide open and expecting flies not to come in that is how small viruses are they go right through the membrane wall through the ultra sub microscopic holes in the flex fabric she went on to say "But that's all we have" of course you won't hear this on TV anymore as it doesn't sell the current pitch from Mr. Haney, Inc. who now day trades and has his own investment firm and sells franchises so as the warriors of decades past went on to fight an endless war on viruses that may not even exist we reflect on an idyllic time where seeing movies in public was a given but in The New Abnormal drive inz are gone theaters closed eventually they will make you watch movies in a closet to be safe from virus hunters that shoot at everything with their medical hocus pocus chemical warfare that leaves the forest in a shambles. What's playing FUNNY/SAD disease is how those people that are always pushing that free speech thing hunted down that "The Hunt" movie using their AKX-43234599's and it was hit and had to go home for a while to recover until it was safe to go projecting again. Those hunters are always complaining that Christmas is being hunted down, cake making is being hunted down & they can't speak freely online even though that's all they do all day long, and "search is biased" while they all hunt for invisible things that may not even exist. Then they freely speak about censoring free movie speech and they complain that "snowflakes" are constantly being offended and that they should toughen up.


ugly wind farm that is 100% dependent on using fossil fuel

Flowers rarely bloom beneath the towering windmills above Palm Springs in the desert yet when they do it is quite a sight beneath these view monsters that block pristine landscape views, destroy property values, waste energy, and drive people who live by them insane with eerie noises and cast ominous disturbing flickering massive moving spinning disorienting shadows.

I bet you don't know they are 100% dependent on fossil fuels and use it regularly.

These particular ones as seen in the movie below are located in a windy area and when the winds are too strong, they put the brakes on stopping them from spinning so fast the turbine would explode. They are very complex and require a lot of energy to maintain. They may be facinating to look at as pieces of towering machinery that present lofty dreams of a clean environment but they are far far from that image that is presented.

Recent California rains have made opportunity to create movies showing the rare flowering beauty at the base of windmills in the California deserts.

These fantastic towering masterpieces intrigue many with promises of a cleaner renewable future that are about as reliable as promises coming from politicians.

Notice in the movie, as you touch the unicorn sitting on the turbine, the dust storm further out. It's composed mostly of hot air and carbon dioxide expelled constantly by those who are promoting soilent green energy.

Did you know that they actually
draw power from the grid?

They even draw power from other fake clean energy sources. They draw power when the wind blows and when it doesn't 24/7/365/666/infinity.

To view this movie hit the ugly turbine with your mouse, not on the gorgeous flower fields or dead birds below that aren't yet eaten by coyotes leaving no trace that they were massacred by these cute pinwheels and click there not on the bird graves below. Perspecively speaking, if you look closely at the very center of this pinwheel looking device you sometimes can see a man as it's so large it can fit a man standing up inside of it.

Windmills are energy producing mechanisms that draw energy from the grid as they have to keep the parts moving or they freeze up. The propellers are forced to spin at times. This uses energy, fossil fuel based energy.

As parts wear they make noise.

They hardly produce any energy as often the wind does not blow.

They are forcibly braked when wind is to strong so it can be a windy day and they are not producing any energy instead USING IT. It takes electricity that is drawn from all the other power generation sources that use fossil fuels to brake these things at times when the wind is strong.

That's why these blow.

So why are they not spinning on a windy day?

On 7/28/2019 I witnessed this section of turbines with only one of them working, out of a total row of 9 turbines only one was spinning. Notice the others are turned in a different direction, sideways and the brush moving from the wind. These turbines USE ELECTRICITY from the grid to rotate these massive blades by using electric motors and hydraulics. The grid is powered by fossil fuels. Wind energy uses fossil fuels.

The claims made on how many homes are powered are exaggerated.

They make industrialists rich, drain tax bases, and
eat birds for breakfast, lunch, and dinner that as part of their regular diet.

It is a non-environmentally friendly system yet they are promoted by government leaders who basically get their information by those who are selling them for profit.

All those who profit making gobs of money off these things live elsewhere, the windmills are never in their back yards because these things SUCK.

While at the base I noticed how some living birds that escaped the massive blades were busy eating mosquitoes thus saving us from having to use industrial solutions.

It's the cycle of spin.

Yes, again, the question is asked, why are we using pesticides to kill bird food? Experts who all make money from these mechanisms tell us "to kill viruses they carry from other sides of the planet, they are vectors" yet this makes no sense as viruses also have natural predators. Windmills have no predators.

We don't need to keep poisoning our planet to fix things and we don't need more energy sources which to make them require more energy and disruption of our planet to "fix things" as our world has become an endless industrialization that is repeatedly fixing what needs to be fixed by destroying the planet, unless of course you want to keep all that money flowing into all these investors systems that are making it so they can all be rich so they can waste gobs of energy with their mansions, boats, cars, and energy wasting lifestyles while the streets keep getting filled with homeless, dead birds, and no natural bird food for the survivors to eat.***

What kind of planet does that create?

Wind farms employ technicians who maintain and repairs these things, who go high up to the top and replaces the brakes that keeps the blades from spinning too fast, repair all the electronics, lubricates parts, and adds gallons of oil for lubrication.

Speaking with one of them the person stated how they draw power with huge motors to spin the blades using electricity that is manufactured in fossil fuel power plants and rotate the entire top unit 360 degrees to face the wind or position it sideways.

You can see these blades spinning and they are sometimes being powered by fossil fuels, not the wind.

Wind farms rely 100% on fossil fuels.

So before yet another sleazy salesman trying to get your community to fall for the false promises of a cleaner future or ill informed politician or green energy monster babble stuff to you about how wind energy is going to save the world ask them how much energy is used to keep them running and how many barrels of oil is used to lubricate all the moving parts and how little energy they actually produce which is like 17%* of what they claim, and how many mosquito eaters are massacred by wind energy** they won't give you an answer because they all live in the clouds and don't have a clue and ask them how well movie makers could function without reliable fossil fuels

Imagine a day free of these view destructive monstrosities

I want them all recycled.

 *never providing kilowatt HOURS of energy in their figures just maximum kilowatt if they were running day and night with endless wind at the exact speeds necessary. They only produce like 17% of what's claimed they can power like when they say "oooooo they can power 150,000 homes" sure a washer for an hour a month in 150,000 homes which of course then causes climate change anyway because the motors that are powered generate heat.

**these dead birds are often eaten by predators such as rats when they fall to the ground so they are not discovered by the agencies that try to track this bird holocaust

***insectivorous bats are being massacred by wind energy
one bat can eat between 500 and 1,000 mosquitoes and other insects in just one hour or about 6,000 per night

Zero by 50
the goal is to remove all wind and solar fake clean energy by 2050 let the last of them be built in 2020 let them live their short 10 year life span and then between 2030 and 2050 tear all this crap down to restore the serene open vistas that allow us to recharge

this space is left free of renewable wastelands

Old washers are more fascinating to watch than CGI

They have such class like old movies from the 20's and 30's that just cannot be recreated. I have placed the link to this washing machine collection movie further down so you might read all of this which is another technique in presenting your viewers.

I am purposely featuring only a clip here from the start of the movie and not one showing the beauty of the machines inside. This is a technique that leaves more to the imagination and teases and gives a sense of intrigue though it might work in reverse in that it does not show enough to really capture the viewer's attention. I am hoping the viewer wonders what's behing that curtain. I also took the snapshot and added water droplet effect for fun. As a comparison here is a snap of one of the washers featured in the film. Consider these kinds of tools when presenting what you have to offer in your film.
watch movie
Note the use of credits at the end of the movie.
Here is one of the out of this world washers you will see in the movie.

all images are the property of their respective holders not mine

Also of note, I just passed up on buying a set of washers in a beautiful turquoise color, Maytags from the 50's, because I thought it would be too hard to get them moved and probably need repairs. You can see how stunning these things are for the lucky human who bought them here.

What happened to the camera

Someone please explain to us how it is possible to film a nuclear blast up close as we have seen portrayed as having happened during the 1950's to give us a glimps of to scare us on how horrible such a blast is and the camera does not shake or disappear and disintegrate.
how can a camera not shake in the 1950's when it shakes all the time today
Looks like a model home. I mean as in train set.

Movie shows how we can use fewer wires

Since the so called green new deal will be cutting fossil fuels out of our lives and plastic coatings made from petroleum will be banned in many applications we need to be aware of alternative methods of moving sound. Note also in the moving image portrayal the lack of nauseating split screen effect.

Oh wait, that's PVC pipe.

Yea what about that PVC pipe

Climate freaks and 99.999% of all Democrats will will ban that as it's made from oil. They want you all to be cave people again to save the Earth from climate change while they jet around everywhere to their new estates with walls and their new penthouses eating steak they banned but import from China using fossil fuels for ships as they keep using massive amounts of fossil fuels they made so expensive to use that you can't even own a car anymore which they were going to ban anyway, or heat your home or buy expensive light bulbs, but it's all wonderful as you are saving the planet while you die of starvation go vote for them it will be great going soilent green energy is NOT/NEW.

Soylent Green Energy is not new at all and is the wave of the green movement which pukes all over us and mother nature's bosom as they promote using wind energy and solar which use more fossil fuels than anything

It's all good though at least we don't have to listen to climate nuts talk about their ex's while they are all too busy now being super heros and God while they bleep mother nature.

Civil war declared on coal mines the movie

here we have climate nuts declaring civil war on coal mines. Although this was a short film and was filmed without a tripod it presented the scene effectively so that the viewer could experience the sense of being there.

Green New Deal includes "clean energy" that uses fossil fuels constantly

AOC presents on her feed a video showing the fantasy of removing carbon from the environment so we are all saved thank you Jesus. She presents windmills of course as a solution but unfortunately wind energy uses electricity - USES ELECTRICITY - which all comes from fossil fuels. Wind energy is 100% dependent on the use of fossil fuels. The image also shows a high speed train which I guess we are to believe will be powered by wind. It's a joke. It's kindergarten thinking.

Note how she borrows Trump's "Art of the Deal" slogan. I thought she hated anything to do with him. I think she should use MAGA as "Make Alexandria Great Again" as it seems everything is about her own perspective. She is the newest youngest thing in Congress and has also claimed that detention centers holding illegal immigrants who come here illegally which is illegal are concentration camps. No one seems to get through to her that she is mistaken but they try. Reminds me of how I was as a Fundamentalist Christian teenager telling everyone to get saved, that was for one's soul. She goes around telling everyone we need to save the soul of Momma planet as if momma isn't older and wiser.

One of the Polish government representatives offered her a tour of the Polish concentration camps of the Holocaust where millions died, so she could learn and see first hand the horrors of what happened. She stupidly refused. If it were you or me, people who are smarter than this twit, we would take our cameras and document and create a fantastic film, of course, using TRIPODS so we had a stable image and when we got home we wouldn't dump rivers of music on it causing it to drown.

Giant goldfish found in Niagara River

The photo is from some years back showing a 14 inch goldfish that was claimed to have been flushed down someone's toilet and got into the river where it had a chance to live a long life and grow very big. They say for people not to do this, return a goldfish to the store instead. I believe that would waste energy.

I think it's more like the goldfish illegally migrated from a Koi pond in China somewhere trying to cross from Canada into New York. Oh someone got "offended" again and of course now Joy Behar is mad and protestors are outside my internet again calling for a ban on words. How they know it was flushed is more like a guess but what really makes me wonder is about all the bacteria that get's flushed down toilets when we poop, there should be images of 14 meter long bacteria I would guess. (image by Niagara Water Keeper and THE BASIC story seems to have originated at WKBW)

Oregon keeps wasting energy

Once a mostly Republican state they are now filled with rich liberal Californians who brought their lunatic climate policies there, force feeding it to everyone. The Republicans find it revolting so the leaders bailed on the vote, then the Governor called out the posse to round them up and make them vote while the climate changed another day. They must get it under control or we are all doomed to spin off into another galaxy. To delay it another day is mad. Their latest climate bill contains taxes on gasoline. So as we add another carbon tax, people who have to work more to pay these taxes, which uses more energy. Don't worry, all we have to do is build more windmills that use energy.

Made by the Flintstones

Fox News presented this clip of Congress's newest wackiest member who refuses to apologize for erroneously presenting the government's holding of illegal aliens in detention centers to the Nazi Holocaust. She insists the detention centers are concentration camps. More important though is how moving image presenters portray things. This image below shows an detention center of horrible editing, first using that awful overused unnecessary computer program that splits the center image and places it in a fuzzy way on each side to "fill in" blank space, making the image of her look like a little box.

It appears they went one step further fuzzing out whatever she was wearing, so we have about 18% of the entire image viewable. What nonsense. Maybe they did this to just make her look bad after all she's continually calling a duck a quack. If that is why you use this technique to purposely make a statement that is fine though I would be careful to not over use it. If you are using it to make your moving image scenario "look better", well, just look at this and really think about that. One of the big problems with it is the left/right side then presents movement in the main image a second time but split, this can be nauseating, literally, I have thrown up my dinner watching these at times. Using black or white or a pattern that does not move or 1,000,000 other things is 10 times better than this. In fact look at the clear section, it is a square, that square should have been enlarged to fill almost the entire screen. When you make a movie ask yourself, would u get sick if you was forced to be watching a movie presented by crazy congress people as you sat in what felt like a concentration camp watching the moving images you just created about the Nazi Holocaust for 24 hours straight?

An old episode of Matlock gets it right

They were in the house looking around after it was ransacked. Pictures askew, camera steady. The woman notices a ticking, gets Matlock to get the heck out of there in a hurry. As they are coming outside the boom happens and we see the house exploding from inside. We see maybe be 5 different camera angles all spliced together to run in a few seconds showing the explosion. The camera never shook. The house shook, the actors shook, the explosive gasses shook, as they all should. Camera should aways be steady. What we would see today is camera shake all over the place in a jumbled mess "showing action". It's an awful over used, did I say over used, I meant to say terribly over over prooverused technique.

Getting the Shaft

"Shaft" is now playing and I think you will go see it as this is a funny and fantastic film. The proper use of CGI and tripods alone have created a foundation for a perfect blend of movie making entertainment. It also brings to the viewer a refreshing perspective of the 1970's.

Great iMovies are often simple and inspired and made by nice people and animals

One was made by an employee in a business that sold appliances, where she fit herself inside the washer to show how big the bin was. It was ROFL funny.

Here is another made by mans best friend.

there is another somewhere on the internet that was made in 2011 and has since received over 197 million views!

STOP/ALL masquerading
Chevelon Canyon is subject to exploitation by ugly wind turbines

The Make Energy & Burn Energy project at Arizona's mini Grand Canyon covering 49 square miles

Michael Moore presents his new film about

Planet of the Humans

& in the archives of AIDS Myth Exposed a comment was made that Michael Moore should do a documentary exposing the lies about invisible things that don't exist

Whonce upon a dark day of timing the universe seemingly lost it's collective mynd space.

Last seen it was hovering outside Pluto which is a rock, no a planet, no a rock, wait, science cannot agree on things it cannot see so they leave it to committees to decide what you will see all around you in a panic.

It started in the Spring of new millennium 20 as leaders everywhere shut down society to deal with it's imaginary frienemie

YIELD to logic and reason

California the health mecca of interplanetary laxities still had no plan to re-open health clubs that were closed 'for your health'.

Leaders had fallenistaed back on once upon a non-timely regime & the fables & ancient claimistats regarding deadly kaching viruses

viruses might not even exist

Maybe it's time to chat with the elephants in the room we might have ignored or thrown in front of the bus instead of depending on our marketing apps which are all hopelessly tied to fossil distancing parties.

Hans Gelderblom
Peter Duesberg
The Infectious Myth
David Crowe
ReThinking AIDS

Kevin P. Corbett

Some scientists are German engineered.

t one time society thought it was neurotic to stay at home and stay 666 feet away from people. Howard Hughes did that. He was obsessed about germs. Now government mandates it.

nstuck you, yourself, your worse self, your friend self, your family self, and your neighbor self from the tar, as the players have their best interests in mind.


Green energy is all about getting yours and now Michael Moore bailed off the fake clean energy bandwagon to present his fantastic new documentary PLANET OF THE HUMANS watch it free online instead of watching invisible things

USED CARS movie!

movie poster
fun litle 1980 film comedy and action where the action is in the action not the camera floating in space trying to be held on to by the camera operator like a balloon who is also trying to grab a 1 part per 2500 part carbon dioxide air blanket of nothing in the sky that causes nothing but loony behavior patterns in politicians and their followers the movie was playing on PlutoTV one of the best action scenes where there is this big void of camera shake is the guy walks backwards into the street where a car is coming right at him, this scene made me jump, so much stupid filming just makes the camera jump around even stupid commercials can't keep the camera from going all over the fuucking place it's all so retarded now

sounds of silence

Dronemovies are so intrusive on Priv-i-See I told you this was going to happen 1984

HUSTLERS movie in theaters on Earth

Hustling is glamorous

40 days and 400,000 night with mares of gender fluidity and other fables

That existential threat is now  projecting it's irrational fears onto an atmosphere of moonatics and thinking it's a movie screen

FREAKS has too much BWC

Climate carbon nut butter spreadr acquired million$ of carbon based net positive energy while it preaches the evils of living with carbon Satan at every twistika and twitblurbia and yet has a 50 million$ penthouse that uses 25,515$ in carbon based reliable energy to maintain it every month and is now dumping it instead of recycling it probably because suddenly the carbon based gravy train is over for rich liberals which might explain why these rich one$ keep freaki-projecting out as they's taxes just went to be with carbon blankets so far up there it's beyond the stratosphere as the green energy taxpayer just stopped subsidizing these liberal projection schemes

Democrats keep basically saying hand over your vote or die whereas Republicans have logical arguments that encourage you to lend them your vote and make no such threats that climate will kill you if you don't give them what they want

Then there's Alyssa Milano who claims she has guns at her house a they who pushes for more hoops and hoolas I guess to entertain us I guess she's a comedy they as it's a joke

Hanoi Jane again has somethintarded to say calling for government to stop functioning if it does not change climate and carbon dioxide has to be removed from office for the sake of the environment while she can spend all her fossil fuel generated dollars and all those fossil fuels keep generating for her as much as she likes as she is God - update she got her wish government shut down in the spring of 2020 virus hunting mania where even social "security" offices were closed people in government would not touch mail from anyone but themselves and entire industries crashed into pieces smaller than viruses which are not even living things so babble mouths shifted into that arena telling us we needed testing and fumigation and 6.66 feet minus .666 inches distancing to be "safe" from the predator that is 666 billion trillion godzillion times than Godzilla's sneeze

Greenpeace demands end of fossil fuels while they use boats that use massive amounts of fossil fuels with sails as a movie prop like how wind farms are a prop to make us all feel goodie if wind is such great energy they would only use sail boats and oars also tied to the grid with a long extension cord

If the hustlers have their way this would be a wind farm instead of a fantastic serene morning view

Insulate your home like the planet does using eco-based nut carbon spread

Instead of closing the window to keep the house warm at night I went all eco-loon and placed a carbon blanket over it then I ripped out all my fiberglass fossil fuel based insulation which still would let heat escape as the air-conditioner this summer kept cycling on and off all day. So to eco-save the planet I installed only carbon dioxide blankets of air. I found it was insulating so good that I had to rip it all out as there were so many eco-nuts attached to it the house was getting terribly hot in the winter and thus the eco-nutbulbs all made of fossil fuel plastic were melting

Bill Maher the prosmug Was-a-Funny calls Dorian inspired as he uses fossil fuels to create a no longer entertaining show that uses climate changing heat generating studio lighting in an extremely rich carbon full environment with heat producing air conditioning that makes the carbon dioxide hot air produced by entertainers fill a room with climate chaning cool air to deal with all that babble which of course produces more carbon and is what insulates the building keeping heat from escaping thus the air conditioning  only goes on for ten minutes and stays off for the next 10 hours as carbon dioxide blankets are so efficient in trapping heat then his empire uses fossil fuels to stream via heat generating information delivery systems then he goes home in a heat generating vehicle to use heat generating appliances and goes to dinner out at restaurants that cook using heat generating fossil fuels in heat generating air conditioning again as he and other metard climate eco-goons blame air for trapping air in the atmosphere that then causes inspiration for weather to perspirate and do what it has done since it was born which thankfully is not being human as if entertainers had their way the climate variety show would have been aborted before ever being conceived in a room full of creative type setters that refuse to settle for anything less than what is pure fantasy

Then we have the entire industry of visuals that glamorized cigarettes then stopped because well everyone knows cigarettes R Us bad while it has forever glamorized guns even though we knew those were bad before we knew about cancer sticks and cancer stones that only hurt us when they are thrown too hard or used as crow bars as they fly into movies so now that those are so bad they need to be banned along with chicken sandwiches that keep us from getting married let's see when they stop making movies showing guns ROFL as if that will ever happen because the elitist enterconers are all full of self while they all insist we need to give up our efficient energy which powers their wealth as they fly in jets and have 10 homes that waste it as they preach their sermons on Mounted Follywood telling us about climate and how they are smarter than it and us which at one time was entertaining but now has become a dangerous cult that is murdering coal with it's bare hands now money runs out for fighting cigarettes so they go after water vapor vaping causes climate change tell nature to stop


We tried to warn you about that man and you ignored us, you wanted him to stay close, now as per his orders he tells you to get the 666 away from him and everyone and we have health clubs closed "for your health" we have health clubs that disallow getting close to anyone and will only allow you in by appointment, we have fitness closed "for your health" again they closed, you can't shower for your health, you can't sit and relax in a sauna it's better to remain stressed, when they were open for a bit they fumigate causing chemical burns to your mucous membranes "for your health" and the state forces kids to learn by TV, fall semester again cancelled, home skool saewfr, and unemployment quintupled 5x to 15% for June soaring beyond Pluto the rock, planet, rock, no planet, no rock, gee science cannot agree on that either, oh just let the committee decide while they watch a movie oh those are closed for ever and ever as if the Wicked Witch sprung back to life.

Calilicious Fornia cons may shift billions of fed funds that were allocated for massively wasteful of your energy bullet train scam that is incomplete and everyone with a brain knew was a waste and another political con job as securing right of ways is well known to be an utter impossibility in this country due to property rights to more local projects how's that for continuing to steal the rest of the country's money.

Recall all of Californi's lying corrupt elite politicians like the ones that keep forcing your children to be injected with magic elixirs and if you don't you can't send them to public school because then the state dems them a threat (that should have been a sign of the shutdown to come) and all the lying liberal elitists that keep lying  to you about fake non-existent climate change that got you to believe that .0004th of the atmosphere is a magic carpet blanket "stuck" hovering over the entire Earth that "can't move" and is trapping so much heat even they are now sweating as the public is becoming wise to all these political and Wall Street corporate scams that suck your energy.

Newsom refused to go to cop funeral who was shot dead by an illegal alien, instead he went to be with other rich off your energy elistists to a cozy meeting with PG&E like that meeting couldn't be rescheduled to honor a brave hero who worked hard to protect us? Sure had no problem rescheduling your life. Now he shut you all in your homes to keep you safe from illegal viruses that keep crossing borders everywhere including going right through the walls of your face covering.

Viruses are everywhere. They are not stopped by anything. They are not even living things yet the goon$ tell us they are Godzilla and invading thus give them everything you own so they can $ave you.

Reminds me of spam mail telling us to save the Emperor of some nation we never heard of.

Maybe Cali-for-nians would be better served to triplequarantine public officials that have quarantined the entire population as if it was a mosquito, wait, they have more rights.

If we look back to March 2020 we recall Gavin telling Californians they were all infected. Since 99.999% of the population is healthy they are now immune. That's how it works, virus stimulates antibodies, body immunizes itself. NO NEED FOR THEIR INJECTIONS, TESTS, PILLS, OR OTHER HORSESHIT IN VIROLOGY. Now they tell us to get tested. For what? For kaching. It's all about the kaching and the smoke bouncing off those carbon dioxide mirrors in the sky. The claims they make about "seeing" viruses in their electron microscopes and testing is like looking at the ghosts at Magic Castle and being told they are real ghosts that can harm you. That can only happen if you crash through the looking glass that reflects imagery and illusions.

Eliminating carbon is the most retarded concept ever to enter into the cult mind & as we watch even more boob devices to "learn" we hear the homo dude running for something important preaching it a sin to not act on climate so we are sinners may Climate forgive us we are now redeemed until we sin again then we ask forgiveness and are redeemed rinse repeat geez even my clothes washer isn't that stupid


Postnazi-Germany welcomes eco-Nazis

The Optical Dellusion Party keepers keep trying to erase THEY were the Confederacy

6 illegals murder another good-human as divertattentionoids keep you focused on monuments and eco-Bubbles

Bernie Sanders believes a part of controlling climate we need to abort human life in order to save coastlines to prove once and for all that he is a socialist elitist wealth collector shit concept pusher

See state try to impose it's morals on film makers, I thought we were over that but apparently Jerry Falwell days are back with a twistika

Industrialists don't give a flying fuck about wrecking the entire planet with blinking red lights all night long as long as it's not where they can see them because after all we have to save the planet from air that forms blankets that keep us warm every winter as the climate sermons tell us

Bang things

Formerly entertaining liberal racist nuts call for blacklisting of actors who even mention Trump or some wacked out ban or something what the fuck is wrong with someone that does this?

Listen to the children, whine and make up things

The energy facade is like a movie set

Movie maker comes up with the idea to shoot a movie over a 20 year span. I had this idea 20,000 years ago and am still working on mine which will take another 20,000 years and hundreds of others a hundred years ago thought of the same thing so this is not new but combined it will take about 20 trillion quadupleion more years to complete

Racists cause PHP conference to be bancelled

Back From Eternity

An old black and white movie that got filming right. The use of tripod extensive. The only time it was not used was when the plane was in the air and rocking all over the place as passengers were frightened of the lightning and turbulance. That was when the camera was moving around like the plane was thus it enhanced that effect. Today there are so many scenarios where the camera floats and shakes all over the place. Are they purposely trying to make it look like we are in turbulence? Is this some kind of stupid psychological trick? Or is it just stupid moving image making? I don't even know but I do know this, that film was fantastic. Listen for "Bosley" notice where they are when they say "let's not fight amongst our selves" and compare to today's political bickering, the term "professor", June Lockhart, "skipper", the statement "reason with them" and compare to alleged racism, reflection of moon in eyes was a superb touch I believe it was done on purpose. It's been an eternity now of drunk moving floating camerawork how settling to experience what real good movie making was at one time.

Good Boys

I think I will pass on this one it's made by the guys who made Sausage Party which was a stupid flick....wait....after watching the trailer THE FILMING LOOKS FANTASTIC....I did not see one ounce of camera shake - BRAVO to the producers maybe they read my rants. The movie is about kids accidentally carrying stolen drugs on a "journey" trying to get home for a highly anticipated party. It looks like it would appeal to the teen crowd and might be rather fun. I actually would go see it just to see the long awaited use of tripods again.

THE HUNT might be a great movie to take the edge off all this bickering about who's making America great more than one another we all are. It's certainly more entertaining than watching Rachel whatserbore and friends who are all rich because of fossil fuels and will maintain their wealth by causing climate change. Of course because of all the hysteria created about the film NBC Universal decided to halt the release. It's too bad that so many hysteriaillogiclists rule the world. Freak out used to just be a disco song, now it's a song and dance that adds reliable fossil fuels to events. RIP The Hunt that is until they revive it when it's not "too soon" after all the zombies walking with "cancel" signs disperse.

I am going to start making websites like TV commercials and shows and many movies made these daze. The page will float and move like it's had too much marijuana and beer. All over the place it will go. It will start to look perfectly still then of course move like it's drunk again. That's going to be the new cool technique. Judging by the amount this happens now everywhere that presents moving images it will be well received. Even libraries are going to adopt this with presenting their electronic books and even their card catalogues. Books you download online will feature moving type so you feel more of the excitement of being right there drunk.


This looks like a fantastic film provacating provacativeness.
The idealized image of their adopted son who's a star pupil in school might change as they are informed by his teacher of what she perceives as disturbing. Judging by the preview the film looks with solid steady camera work and stunning psychological intrigue.

Jay Myself

This is a documentary about a man in New York who is a photographer and seems to portray some interesting concepts for anyone interested in what can be done with images moving and still. It presents an inside view of his workspace of 30,000 square feet and his works and life.

Lalaland is now playing live at the Seattle City Council Chambers group of eco-theatrics I think they watched too many eco-movies too many times which is the drawback of streaming being so readily accessible whereas these stream services do not offer textbooks that explain the absolute principles of convection and physics instead featuring fictional movies about climate and air bubbles floating in space that are controlled by evil aliens that are stealing our arctic ice and will kill us if we don't give Democrats our vote and one of them on Seattle council came up with the brilliant idea to solve homelessness by spending $1 million on just shipping them out where they could simply come back, this is how dodos fix things never ever solving homelessness then blaming Trump for everything they can't fix

Thank God California Banned Plastic Straws



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